Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery is run by a group of long-time friends and colleagues with a shared passion for food and great service. The vision for the new restaurant is to create a place where families and friends can join together and eat food that is carefully, ethically and healthily sourced and prepared. Vadas believes in supporting local, quality-driven businesses and practices farm-to-plate dining where simple dishes embrace and showcase the quality of produce.

Head chef PJ Vadas has worked with Roger Vergé at Moulin de Mougins in France, with Angela Hartnett at The Connaught in London and for several years with Gordon Ramsay at his Michelin Star restaurants in London and New York City.

Back in South Africa, Vadas established The Roundhouse restaurant in Camps Bay which he ran for four years. He went on to work as Executive Chef at Camphors at Vergelegen. Both positions earned him Eat Out Top Ten awards. More recently, he established and ran The HogHouse which won Eat Out’s Best Eatery. 


Farmer Angus

The collaboration with Spier is at the heart of our restaurant. Farming on Spier Wine Farm, Angus Macintosh is passionate about ethical food production. He is a biodynamic farmer and free-range crusader aiming to change the way we view and produce our food. Farmer Angus supplies all our beef, pork, chicken and eggs. 


Neil Sauls Fresh Produce

Supplying us the freshest from Mother Earth’s garden, Neil and his team ensure we use only the best vegetables available, allowing us to keep our dishes simple and delicious! 


Lowerland Whole Grains

Producing natural, nutritious and wholesome grains by working with nature, Lowerland in Prieska offers products which reflect the quality of life, soil and a healthy diversity. All of Lowerland’s produce are organically grown. They are unbleached, stored, handled and milled without any chemical additives or preservatives. 


Gideon Milling

A passion for farming, a passion for people and faith in their product is why Gideon Milling’s flour is stone ground, has no additives, bleach or correctors and is GMO-free. Knowing exactly where our food comes from, helps us live a more conscious lifestyle.  


Buffalo Ridge Mozzarella

As the only water buffalo dairy in South Africa and the country’s only producer of buffalo mozzarella, the farming techniques at Buffalo Ridge are based upon natural, environmentally friendly principles. No pesticides, herbicides or ecologically harmful practices are permitted and all products contain no preservatives, chemical additives, colourants or flavourants.

Their hand-made buffalo milk mozzarella uses only whole buffalo milk and selected cultures to obtain the desired flavour and texture. Other products used are whole milk, feta, fromage blanc, yoghurt and a mature, aged cheese called Rockwood. 


Camphill Dairy

Camphill Dairy was established in response to a growing demand for organic natural dairy products. The herd of Jersey crossed with Brown Swiss dairy cows are grass fed on organically grown pastures and brought in mornings and evenings for milking. Camphill Dairy’s best known product is their natural yogurts, all free of additives or stabilisers. 


Moro Gelato

At Moro Gelato, gelato is made the same way as in Italy, from fresh and pure local ingredients on a daily basis. Fresh milk and cream are used for the Gelato and sorbets are made from juicy seasonal fruit. It just doesn’t get better than this! 


Stellenbosch Brewing Company

This craft brewery focuses on beers brewed with fresh and natural ingredients, respecting the heritage of traditional styles yet creatively brewing them to suit South African taste buds, modern lifestyles, diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes and unbeatable climate. Stellies beers are of the finest quality and highly unique in character. 


Hope on Hopkins

An artisanal distillery that prides itself on truly crafting its own spirits. Unlike many gin distillers they make some of their gins from scratch, so that you know where it (and the carefully sourced quality ingredients) come from. They are one of the few distilleries in the world using barley as the base, which they cook, ferment over several days and then triple distil to make their base neutral spirit for the London Dry and Salt River Gins. They then go on to distil a fourth time, allowing the alcohol vapours to infuse through select botanicals.



Best known for pioneering Kombucha commercially in South Africa, Theonista is an independent, small craft beverage company located in Woodstock, Cape Town. Most of Theonista products are fermented and alive. All of them are made with whole ingredients, brewed in small batches with processes that rely on manual (wo)manpower over mechanization, and are deeply inspired by both nature and the connection between gut ecology and overall wellbeing.


Chrisna’s Olives

They roast them. They sun dry them. They marinade them. All of this is essential to create a product that is different from and superior to the olives available in the big commercial stores. All of Chrisna’s olives are handpicked with great care and put into the curing brine consisting of pure, untreated farm water and Karoo salt. After 10 months of regular changes of water and much patience, the olives are now ready for processing and for us to enjoy.  


Foxenburg Goats Cheese

Foxenburg cheeses are made from 100% whole goat milk, free of artificial preservatives, hormones and antibiotics. The slow production methods, typical of Italian and French farmhouse cheese-making ensures Foxenburg Goats cheese brims with the wholesomeness of traditional slow food making.


Tribe Coffee

Sourced directly from farmers and respected speciality coffee traders, Tribe coffee beans are some of the highest quality beans available. Refusing to make traditional, over-roasted coffee, Tribe roastery instead seeks to find unique flavours and aromas from diverse coffees across the globe.